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This way you are fully insured, which makes driving so much more relaxed.

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It is also really fun to try and spot all the rooftop pools from a viewpoint, haha! A stylish hide-out in a tourist area.


If hiking is not your thing, you could choose to see more of Antequera, or to maybe even stay in Malaga. Others originate in Northern Europe, such as the greylag goose Anser anser.

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So instead we spent five days travelling and two days relaxing at the pool. Exactly what I needed after five days of sightseeing!

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Also, being in the rain shadow of the Baetic Cordillera means that they receive a lesser volume of water. They are a nice break from summer heat. Among the small herbivores are rabbits—especially the European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus —which form the most important part of the diet of the carnivorous species of the Mediterranean woodlands.

The food just kept coming.

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It was clean, quiet, and thank god, it was not full of drunk tourists. The only thing I missed was a pool. In the evening, amazing food will be prepared for you, and from your room you will have an amazing view overlooking the valley.

More than of the vertebrate species extant in Spain can be found in Andalusia. Down below I share with you which hotels I stayed at.

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In the valleys and in some areas where limestone is present, deeper soils allowed farming of cereals suitable for livestock. Oaks, rhododendrons and ferns in the Los Alcornocales Natural Park. The castle gardens of Alcazar de los Reyes Christiano are also worth a visit. Stay somewhere in the center of the city so you can easily get everywhere.

Lower Andalusia, the Baetic Depressionthe basin of the Guadalquivir, lies between these two mountainous areas.

Did you ever take a road trip through Andalusia? What were your favorite spots?

The Iberian lynx Lynx pardinus The biodiversity of Andalusia extends to its fauna as well. When traveling, I am always busy exploring and, in addition, I am always working in the morning and evening to keep my company running. After an hour of sulking like a child, we decided to spend the next two days just relaxing at the pool.

The dominant species of the climax community is the holly oak Quercus ilex. There were a lot of English families with small children.

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Two days is enough to to see everything you will want to see in Seville. Altogether, Cordoba is not a big city, so you can easily take it all in in just one day. Nature park El Torcal de Antequera feels like you are on a different planet, or that perhaps you accidentally walked on stage of some sci-fi movie.

I stood with shaking knees at the edge.

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Stocks of the wild boar Sus scrofaon the other hand, have been well preserved because they are popular with hunters. Finca La Donaira is a luxury eco resort about half an hour outside of Ronda. Um, yes you should.

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Throughout history, this has been the most populous part of Andalusia. Also abundant are cork oak Quercus subervarious pinesand Spanish fir Abies pinsapo. Five floristic provinces lie, in whole or in part, within Andalusia: Surprisingly there are quite a lot of things to do in Andalusia and a week is actually a bit too short.

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After being revitalized and being burned like a lobster we went back home. We ate delicious food, relaxed at the pool, and the beds were amazing. The center of Seville is surprisingly small, which is pleasurable during the summer heat.