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The Czech garnet is a very strict, very aristocratic stone, known in Europe for a very long time. In smaller settlements of Central and Northern Bohemia — Bohemia — more and more small glassware opened, in which the masters copied vessels of Venetian production — Venice at that time was the most recognized and most famous glass region in Europe.

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The names of some people, such as Henry Brdiska, are known only to specialists, the names of others like Daniel Swarovski know the whole world. When inbeing the King of Bohemia, Franz Joseph I married with the first beauty of Europe — the Bavarian princess Elizabeth princess Sisithen as a wedding gift he presented the bride with a cross with Czech garnets.

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You can choose jewelry for your evening dress, for jeans and every blouse, and amaze the people around with variety and taste. Soon all Europe learned about this, and noble ladies rushed to buy jewelry with Czech grenades.


The Czech pomegranate has gained modern popularity among the European aristocracy, as it was preferred by the most beautiful, the most elegant and the most discussed secular and royal couple in Europe — the Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I and his wife. And these wonderful properties of crystal made it look more closely to it, as to a unique material for creating ornaments.

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In addition to costume jewelry, the Czech Republic is also known for the production of jewelry made of precious stones — Czech pomegranate and vltavina. Today, the imperial figure and its deeds excite the minds. From timeless daywear to the bold, glamorous, and fashionable jewelry and evening bags, Swarovski launches new collections on a quarterly basis, offering something for every need and taste.

Therefore, the pomegranate is valued by powerful and very ordinary people.

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So the king conquered the princess, and the stone of kings — the Czech garnet — conquered Europe. SHOP NOW About Swarovski Founded in in Austria, Swarovski designs, creates, and markets high-quality crystal product collections such as jewelry, accessories, decorative items for the home, ornaments, and figurines.


The Czech pomegranate shone in the best European palaces in Europe. Light, sophisticated, imaginative costume jewelery perfectly emphasizes youth, openness to the world, adventurous nature and craving for the adventures of the one who wears it. Today jewelry with Czech pomegranate is in the collections of the richest and most famous people of the world — from the patriarchs, monarchs and heads of state.

It has an exceptionally stable color that does not lend itself to heat or acids. Swarovski has a global reach and showcases its sparkling crystal products via a network of own boutiques and retail partners, as well as the Swarovski website and Online Shops. As a unique and beautiful stone, the Czech garnet is surrounded by many beautiful romantic legends.

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True eye-catchers, the cocktail rings are commanding pieces of impeccable craftsmanship. Swarovski jewelry truly boosts creative self expression.

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The owner of the pomegranate gives courage, passion, helps not to doubt the adoption of complex decisions. Czech garnet — transparent, up to translucent, a precious stone of small sizes from 0. The degree of its hardness is from 6.

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Gradually, Czech masters learned not just to imitate, but developed their own handwriting, and acquired their own secrets in working with glass. Naturally brilliant, the fashionable silver-tone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings have proven most successful.

Alexander the Great wore a ring with a pomegranate as a symbol of power.

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Cutting this kind of glass allows you to create incredibly beautiful and shiny things. The emperor ruled in a colossally complex and defining period for the whole of Europe and the Russian Empire. Apart from the Online Shop, the Swarovski website hosts a range of special features, such dating czech jewelry the Gift Center, a wish list feature, videos, and the blog.

Check out the Style Edit and more. And his magnificent royal brooch with pomegranates, located in the National Museum of Prague, is amazing with the elegance and taste of the true-royal.

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The Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna wore necklaces with grenades. Read more Swarovski crystal makes for an exceptional gift.