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I would suggest early-on in a relationship, text once after a day or two to followup, and maaaaybe after that emailing them or messaging on facebook or the dating site if applicable if you really like them, but after that, mentally giving up on them, trying not to get too annoyed about it.

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If A texts B a day or two later with a proposal for the next date, what is a reasonable amount of time for B to respond? So, I think it's entirely feasible that your crush either didn't get the text or thought a response was already sent. I mean, on the one hand, if you have a nice date with someone, text them to set up another, they don't respond and you end up never speaking to them again I feel like I need some exterior perspective on this, because I can easily drive myself round the twist trying to figure this stuff out.

Even though I am not much of a text person and even though I often do not even have my phone on me on a non-work day.

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One my sis sent me - in the middle of a conversation - didn't appear until a month and a day later, complete with the original date. It's really impossible to tell. If I didn't hear anything I'd cut my losses.

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I'm a ghoster, when I'm not particularly interested in the person I've gone out with. Then A says something along the lines of, "Hey! I would not worry about whether you're bothering them.

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So is a straight one-for-one policy the best way to go? But if I texted a guy and didn't hear back, I'd assume he wasn't interested and I'd move on.

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For me, it might say something like - "Hi - any interest in getting that drink? Be safe, and don't be too trusting or hopeful at the beginning. I will say that the advice to call feels weird to me Also, text conversations are pretty revealing.

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And more importantly, if a day or two goes by without response, what is the correct protocol? People my parents' age do tend to prefer phone calls, though, and seem to have a more "formal" approach to dating in general.

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Lots of ppl think it's wrong to ghost, but I think ghosting is kind, especially if it's just been 1 date. In other words, be casual with your one follow-up text.

He may be interested in a person he went out with or met after your date and is preoccupied. Texting is for confirming details or quick updates to people you know well who can determine your inflection without a voice. Two weeks later my phone rings. Whatever else you do, please don't punish someone for not sharing your personal beliefs about how and when messages should be responded to, unless you are in a relationship with someone and have explicitly agreed that A person will respond to B's texts within X amount of time.

So I can only give you my personal opinion. If it's really bothering them and they're interested, they will take this as a sign that they need to communicate better, and if it's bothering them and they're not stage dating 2015, they will let you know rather than continue with the pocket veto.

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My "rules" are basically meant to minimize my anxiety because I'm the kind of person that can take a half hour to write a one sentence text if I'm crushing hard on someone. I have definitely not received texts before or gotten them days after they were sent. If I weren't interested in someone I'd have told them so shortly after they first texted me about another date, and I wouldn't like the implication that I was doing the immature fade-out thing.

One low-key follow up after a reasonable time period day or two?

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If they don't reply they're not that interested so move on - forget the people who are too busy and hold out for someone who is excited to see your name flash up, thinking "Yess! If I don't hear back, I assume you're not interested.

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I prefer being messaged online or texted if I've directly given my number to the guy rather than being called. Say something along the lines of, "Not sure if you got my text, so I just wanted to check in and see I wish I'd tried once more.